Author: Kenny Baas-Schwegler
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We need to have a dedicated facilitator, someone who does makes it a safe for everyone say the things that need to be said – even ideas that at first glance appear controversial, wrong, or at odds with their own beliefs. The facilitator must focus on seeing everyone trough their camera at all times. With the power of reflective listening, they can create compassion and show neutrality to the group.

The only justification for our concepts and systems of concepts is that they serve to represent the complex of our experiences; beyond this they have not legitimacy.

  • Albert Einstein

Summary of the solution

EventStorming facilitates in creating a pool of shared meaning. Groups and teams must have a pool of shared meaning to generate better decisions and have more valuable insights. Writing and sharing your Domain Events seems easy, but does everyone in the team feel safe enough to put say what needs to be said? Offline it is also much easier for a facilitator to use their meta-skills of super listening (hear, see, and feel the energy) than in an online setting.