Author: Kenny Baas-Schwegler
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Brain science shows us that shorter trumps longer. Especially for a remote EventStorming we need to keep people engaged as much as possible. So create segments of 10-20 minutus during your EventStorming, and take breaks in between.

Summary of the solution

The human brain learns best when content is divided into smaller “chunks” or segments of information. Patricia Wolfe illustrates this principle with the example of phone numbers. “Phone numbers are not remembered as a list of ten numbers but as two chunks of three numbers and one chunk of four”. Grouping facts into larger categories or major concepts is another way of chunking. So is dividing content-delivery into shorter segments of time—about ten or twenty minutes, rather than sixty or ninety minutes. John Medina describes this process thus: “The way to make long-term memory more reliable is to incorporate new information gradually and repeat it in timed intervals.