Author: Kenny Baas-Schwegler
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If we get more than 10 people during enforcing the timeline with a remote big picture eventstorming, the effectiveness and amount of insights goes down. The sweetspot here seem to be around 4-8 people in one virtual meeting room doing an enforcing the timeline. This poses a challange, as we want to model the entire business domain on one board with big picture eventstorming. During a physical events, people will usually split into several boards, cleaning it up. But how do we split up during a remote session, were people cannot just walk around?

Summary of the solution

Decide together on pivotal events, or emerging pivotal events. Let the group move their own stickies in between these pivotal events. Now create break-out groups and split the group up between the pivotal events. Let people at the start self-organise, but be carefull that some break-out groups do not fill up. Iterate back to the main room every 15-20 minutes for a recap and realignment. Eventually always finish with a walktrough narrative.

Emerging pivotal events