Author: Kenny Baas-Schwegler
guiding-heuristics eventstorming collaborative-modelling

Short description

Everyone can fall easily into the trap of the confirmation bias. You perceive a word in your own way and it is hard to get out of that way of thinking. In order to help people move out of there confirmation bias, change the language they use while designing and modelling in order to get different insights.

“It is impossible for a person to learn what he thinks they already knows.”

-Epictetus, Discourses, Book II, ch. 17


  1. During a collaborate modelling session and proposing a model, explore language while still discovering the language, try and change that.
  2. While converging and formalising a model just before you can code probe, refine the language and don’t change language on purpose.


While collaborativly model and design new products or requirements for a product we are left with past learnings.