Author: Cédric Pontet
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Alberto Brandolini often says that meeting room tables and chairs should be removed or pushed away when preparing an EventStorming workshop. This is the best way to foster collaboration, engagement, and mobility of your participants. However, where do you put all the sticky notes and markers when you don’t have a table?

Summary of the solution

Using standing tables for stationery is a great way to avoid clutter on the floor or having your supplies dispatched everywhere in the room. They allow people to use them to write down stickies, without getting in the way by forcing them to sit down, since writing down a sticky note on your lap may not be the best for readability.

Standing tables are easy to move around and can be put close to the action, without impairing collaboration. You may want to use several of them, depending on the number of people you have in your meeting. But make sure not to have too many in the room, which would reduce mobility and damage collaboration. Usually, one standing table for eight people in the group is a good rule of thumb.