Author: Kenny Baas-Schwegler
guiding-heuristics eventstorming

Short description

During the start of an EventStorming we ask everyone in the group to write down their domain events they can think of. Then we ask them to stick these to the brownpaper in an ordered timeline. The timeline is what they have in their mind. Once everyone added their events will we start to structure and enforce the timeline. We want to postpone structuring as much as possible, because we can loose valuable insights. So once someone added their own events we need to wait on the rest. However people can start reading other people their events already and start discussing.


  1. When someone is still writing domain events, make sure that they won’t feel pressured by other people who already start to discuss. Give them time.
  2. Once everyone added their events for now the facilitator can start introducing the enforcing the timeline step.


The biggest value from EventStorming is the storming part, and the first step is chaotic exploration. When we do a chaotic exploration first, instead of enforcing the colour coding pattern we need to wait until everyone added their domain events.