Author: Kenny Baas-Schwegler
guiding-heuristics eventstorming

Short description

We can only move or remove stickies on the paper roll if the person had a discussion with the one who wrote it. Ask the group: Is it really the same concept as you think it is, what does the orginal writer actually mean? Is it the same Domain Event?


  1. When you want to move an Domain Event stickie in orde to enforce the timeline
  2. During Chaotic exploration we don’t yet want to move stickies.
  3. When all the stickies are already discussed, a lot has already been removed and the group in converting then everyone can (re)move stickies.


During an EventStorming after the chaotic exploration we want to enforce the timeline and start moving stuff around. It is very important that people don’t take assumptions on the naming of other stickies they didn’t write. We want to spark conversation and storming. So we want the group to know this.