Author: Kenny Baas-Schwegler
guiding-heuristics eventstorming

Short description

During an EventStorming session the group starts with a chaotic exploration of all the Domain Events. The next step is enforcing the timeline and create a consistent timeline. At this point new concept can pop up, like policies, actions, information, business rule (yellow). We can mark them as a hotspot, but we can also introduce the colours iteratively to the group.

EventStorming colour coding pattern


  1. When there is a discussion popping up about two domain events as outcomes from the same action, you need a business rule (yellow) in between.
  2. When as an outcome from a domain event the domein expert explicitly uses a domain concept. For instance when a payment is accepted we need to start process X.
  3. If people are discussing about the information needed in order to make a decision we might add information.


Use it during a process or design level EventStorming, when we need to be more explicit.