Author: Kenny Baas-Schwegler
guiding-heuristics eventstorming


When wrapping up a big picture EventStorming with a dot voting on hotspots or opportunities, we need to add minority wisdom to the decision made. Tell the people who did not vote on the majority decision that you are sorry. Then ask ‘what do you need to also commit to that decision’. Add this wisdom (within the boundaries of the decision made) to the decision so that we made a collective autocratic decision, where everyone feels included.

Summary of the solution

A big picture EventStorming can have a lot of hotspots and opportunities; the goal at the end is finding the theory of constraint. We do this by asking the participants what they think is the biggest hotspot or opportunity to fix. However, the minority of people who did not decide for the winning decision might feel left out. They also might have wisdom we missed during our EventStorming session. So what can we learn from the people who did not vote on that decision, and how can we get buy-in from this group so that they won’t resist when moving forward on it. What are their needs?